Siddharth Basrur (Bollywood playback singer, musician, composer)
Just watched your music video. Good stuff man. Neat breakdown.

Sayandip Roy (Keyboardist & Pianist)
Hello, The Monkey's Smile. I listen to their album.Personally, I like it. All guys are doing real good in their music field. Their aim is to mix Bollywood songs with energetic rock and metal stuff. They released their album on 15th June and it's running real good. Do Listen to them and support them for their hard work. Good Wishes always... Keep rocking \m/

Prodip Sinha (International Logistic Executive)
Amazing composition. I really liked all the composition. In case of video production, I think there is a way of improvement. Otherwise, this band has a long way to go.

Sanchita Mekder Sinha (Government Employee)
I am already in love with this Band.

Abhijit Das (Merchandiser)
Amazing song, great video. But you should focus on a better guitar solo.

Amit Das (Student)
Amazing video. Great composition. Best Bollywood cover I have ever discovered. I have even downloaded the video so I can watch it when there is internet interruption.

Niladri Mukherjee (Entrepreneur)
Great music. It will change the destiny of music scenario one day.

Sandipan Chatterjee (Sales Manager)
New way of thinking...about Bollywood songs..#incomingnewera... :D

Prodipta Moitra (Musician)
Brilliantly done... Powerful vocals, killer riffs, brilliant drumming.

Disha Gupta (Student)
Love the vibe.

Tama Sarkar (Artist)

Parthib Sengupta (Photographer)
<3 <3

Kunal Dutta (Musician)
Nice cover! so what are you guys covering next?

Mayuk Chowdhury (Mechanical Engineer)
Liked the rhythm. Especially the drum beats...! Good job by the drummer....:}

Hasib Rahman (Music Promoter)
Great combination, sounds awesome.

Sudipta Goswami (Language Trainer)
Totally loved it!

Ankan Chakraborty
Nicely done :)

Sahin Ahmed
Just Awesome!!!!! Loved it.......

Akash Banerjee (Marketing)
It's a very good thing that you guys are giving a tribute to Bollywood songs and in a very unique way....It is really appreciated and I think most of the viewers like me accept the way you compose your remake style...It's really unique....Hope you guys start with your own new compositions and eagerly waiting for it....I love monkey's smile ❤ ❤ ❤

Debjyoti Roy Chowdhury (Singer, Composer, Lyricist)
More power to Sudipto Pati and Sam Gopucore! Check this out peeps  :)

Shilpika Basu (Engineer)
Amazing work!

Dipanjan Chakraborty (Musician, Composer)
Full power pack. Nice composition guys.

Sounak Roy Chowdhury (Human Resource)
Very Powerful Guys.

Seema Adnani Lalwani
Way to go guys!!!! Keep it up  :)

Devraj Roy Chowdhury
Super work indeed. Proud of you guys.

Agniprava Nath (Photographer)
Way to go guys!!!! Keep it up  :)

Arindam Chatterjee (Researcher)
I am flattered with the composition and the presentation of the music video.

Sreerupa Basu (Student)
Amazing music. All the band members are also very good looking which makes me watch this video again and again.

Shalini Das Gupta (Journalist)
Amazing composition. Love the drummer and the vocalist.

In the song Zinda, kono kono jayega-e sur thik chhilo na, I mean voice besuro lagchhilo kono kono jayega te..scale thik chhilo is okay. The second song was good. In the 3rd song again there were more instrumental sounds than the vocalist's voice. The 4th song was again good.